Our instructors are trained to give you the most out of your pole class. We strive to help you meet all of your required goals, in a safe and friendly environment. We offer a homely feel and these will probably be the best friends you will ever meet. Each instructor brings with them their signature way of teaching so be prepared for all types of music and teaching styles…



Coming from an aerial background, learning to adapt to pole has been a fun and wonderful adventure.  Pole is a full body workout and so much fun at the same time.  The best thing about being an instructor is watching my students grow and master moves that they never thought they would be able to do.



I would consider myself a bundle of energy!! I teach levels 1-4, I enjoy an upbeat, high tempo class. However, I love to bring the sass and encourage all the ladies in my class to get their sassy on. I enjoy performing, meeting new people and spreading a happy, positive vibe!!!
Pole dancing has allowed me to express myself in a way that no other art form has done. As a form of fitness, it has empowered me with strength and allowed me to embrace my sensuality. My mission is to ignite Cape Town with Pole fever!!!!



I was always intrigued by pole dancing. When I finally tried it, it was so much more than I realised. I was getting bored of gym and pole dancing challenged me physcially in a way that had not crossed my mind. It builds immense strength! With that strength comes body confidence and mobility. It really provides a physical, mental and emotional transformation when you fall in love with it. I teach Level 1 and 2 students. My heart is so overjoyed to see people challenge themselves and reach their goals in class and throughout their pole journey. Once you’re hooked, it is in your heart for life.



My first time on a pole was, as it is for many of us, in a nightclub. When I heard I could take classes pole went from a fun distraction on a night out to a passion. The best part was seeing myself improve from week to week – and I started helping my classmates to improve as well. I realised that I wanted to teach when I saw myself assisting my fellow pole students with moves that they were struggling with. My favourite thing about teaching is motivating my students to do their best and watching them progress. The best thing about pole fitness is that it’s a creative exercise form that allows you to build strength and fitness while learning awesome moves and skills.



I’ve never been very sporty, never been much good with a ball, in the pool, on a bike or on a sports field. I’ve always felt useless and it was disheartening! But then I went for my first pole class. With no experience, two left feet and not much upper body strength, I walked into studio one and fell in love… and THAT’S why I do pole. That magical feeling when you get a move for the first time or when you look in the mirror and see your muscles growing – that’s what it’s about: hard work, failure, perseverance, then ultimately success.
My experience at PDCT has been so positive and it’s fostered such a passion for the sport in my heart that I can’t think of a better way to give back than to teach what I’ve learned. I hope I can share some of the joy I’ve felt with my students.