Tracey Simmonds from The Pole Studio SA will be presenting TWO pole workshops at Pole Dance Cape Town on Thursday 17th August 2017!

Beginner Class 18:00-19:15 AND Intermediate & Advanced Class 19:30-21:00

You are invited to join one or both of these classes.

All studios are invited to take part.

Please book by emailing
Please note that EFT payment will confirm your spot!

Beginner Class (Yes, really for beginners!)
Strength and technique class for beginner level pole fitness students.
During this class, we will cover conditioning tips, spins, tricks and smooth transitions to make any routine look effortless.


Intermediate & Advanced Class
Strength, flexibility and dynamic moves for intermediate and advanced level pole fitness students.
During this class, we will cover a variety of movements and conditioning exercises to help you build strength.
Combinations of tricks, spins and splits movements from Tracey’s signature repertoire will also be covered!

Recommended ability level: shoulder mount, strong invert, one-handed spins & ayesha.


About Tracey Simmonds:
PCS International Finalist Columbus, Ohio Arnold Sports Festival 2017, PCS Africa winner 2016, Pole Factor Cape Town SA 2015, International Pole Championship Hong Kong 2012, Pole Art (the original event) Sweden 2012, World Pole Sport & Dance Jamaica 2009, Miss Pole Dance UK 2008/6.
Accredited international instructor trainer.