Sherry-TrickADVANCED Instructors

Our instructors are trained to give you the most out of your pole class. We strive to be friendly and to help you meet all of your required goals. We offer a homely feel and these will probably be the best friends you will ever meet. We do monthly teacher’s training to give you the best workout and to offer consistency through all of our classes. Each instructor brings with them their signature way of teaching so be prepared for all types of music and teaching styles…



I am an architect by day and advanced pole instructor in the evenings. I have been pole dancing since 2010 and am in love with the mix of elements in pole dancing. The strength and agility required to create beautiful poses mixed with cardio to be able to perform a dance are challenging and exciting. Whilst I love the mix of styles in pole dancing, my classes concentrate on building strength required to perform the advanced moves.



Coming from an aerial background, learning to adapt to pole has been a fun and wonderful adventure.  I love to see my students grow and master moves that they never thought they would be able to do.