Pre-Retirement Seminars
The Next Step: One Day Seminar

The ‘Next Step Programme’ is designed to prepare individuals for the complex emotional challenges faced at this crucial time of change.

The format of the one day workshop is ‘lecture style’, which will allow for greater numbers of participants.

The course content is as follows:
• Identity ‘who am I’ in relation to ‘what I do’
• Motivation
• Meaning of work
• Benefits of work
• Change
• Response to change
• Resistance to change
• Managing change
• Boundary protection
• Perceptions
• What is retirement
• The stages of retirement
• Psychosocial Development Stages – Erik Erikson
• Managing Loss
• Purpose & Meaning
• Relationships in Retirement
• Wellness Lifestyle
• Goal Setting
• Retirement Vision and Plans
• New Lifestyle Plan