Retirement Counselling
Life Transition Counselling

How we personally greet change in our lives is often an automatic response that reflects how our families dealt with change and loss.

We were never taught that change has a natural cycle and is a necessary part of growing, just like the seasons (spring, autumn, summer and winter).

Once understood, any kind of change can be used to positively contribute to our lives.

As we leave a part of our lives behind, we must recreate another, even when this change is in:

• Work
• Retirement
• Divorce
• Death of a loved one
• Marriage

Are fears and anxiety confusing and threatening the peace and pleasure you hoped for in retirement? Discovering what is important to us can be elusive.

• Re-define who you are beyond the ‘worker role’
• Step into your dreams
• Establish goals and visions for the future
• Realise things you never thought possible
• Take risks and expand your interests, friendships and what is important
• and meaningful to you

We believe that it should be easy to figure out this journey on our own – but this is not always possible.

Building a full, happy and rewarding retirement takes effort and it is possible.

“Too many people are thinking about security, instead of opportunity and they seem more afraid of life than death” James F Byrne