Retrenchment Workshops
Coping with Retrenchment

A Guide to the Psychology of Retrenchment

There is a great need for organisations and society, to recognise, that individuals who are retrenched at any stage of their working lives, may experience anxiety and depression as a result.

When retrenchment has a significant adverse effect on an individuals’ well-being it can be the start of a self-fulfilling downward spiral, which can become a serious overwhelming dilemma. The pressure to secure a new job, coupled with the decline of a retrenched person’s self-worth and confidence may well undermine their ability to meet the very prerequisites required to locate and secure new employment. This can quickly become a vicious circle, as failure to become employed leads to a feeling of worthlessness, which in turn leads to uncharacteristic thought patterns and behaviour, frequently culminating with the onset of anxiety and/or depression.

There is a critical need for retrenched individuals to be treated with dignity and respect.

This programme focuses predominantly on the individual’s emotional journey related to job loss.

Programme Content
• Change – managing life’s difficult changes
• Understand and managing emotions associated with retrenchment
• Self-skills analysis
• Understand what competencies are and how they relate to a job application.
• Interview advice and techniques
• Stress Management
• How to regain control
• Goal Setting/Action Plans