14th and 15th September 2019


Any pole artist, from novice to professional, will be welcome to prepare a piece to perform on stage to an audience of friends, family and pole enthusiasts. As it’s not a competition, this is the perfect opportunity to hone your pole skills, push yourself to the next level and surprise yourself at what your body can do.

You can take part in a solo, duet or group, but we encourage our novice students to group together
to offer each other support as you push your boundaries.
There will be two performances, one on Saturday evening (14th September) and one the next day, Sunday (15th September).
A compulsory full dress rehearsal will take place on Saturday morning (13th September) so you can get a feel for the spacing of the poles and the stage itself.


Music and Theme – our theme is ‘A tribute to music legends’.
You can choose anything within the theme, just make sure it’s appropriate for any audience as there may be children present.

There is a limit of 2 songs per singer/band so first come first serve. No 2 acts may have the same song.
For your song choice to be confirmed, entry fees and forms must be submitted. No songs will be held.

To avoid having acts that are too similar, please send us your themes and ideas asap. We’ll let you know if your idea is already taken and help with inspiration if you need it.

Length – between 2min30 and 3min30.
Stage – there will be three poles set in a triangle, two in front and one at the back of the stage.
Poles – you can choose from 2 options but please note pole set up is subject to availability.

2 front poles on spinning and the back one on static (SP/SP/ST) or
2 front poles on static and the back one on spinning (ST/ST/SP)

Solo – R250
Duet – R420 (R210 per person)
Group – R175 per person
Fees are non-refundable.

ACC: 62690610368
BRANCH: 250655 (Universal code or Gardens is the branch)
Ref: SC19+Name
FORWARD a POP to showcase@pdct.co.za


For PDCT studio members, included in your entry fee is three one-hour rehearsal sessions at the studio
This is subject to booking availability.

All other sessions are charged at R30 per person per session. Paid rehearsal sessions need to be paid for upfront and booked through BoxChamp. A minimum of 48hr cancellation will be required to reschedule.
Sessions will be added to the schedule and additional sessions can be booked subject to availability.

If you’ve never performed before, don’t be afraid! Our instructors are happy to help where possible.

If you are keen to perform but don’t have a group or not sure yet if your class level will be doing a number, DO NOT PANIC!!
Fill in the, I’m keen to perform and need a group form, so we can look at placing people together.


No two acts may perform to the same song.

Acceptance of your application to perform is subject to approval from the PDCT showcase team. We may ask you to submit a video clip.

Closing date for entries is the 31st May 2019. 15th June 2019.
All themes and prop choices must be submitted for approval by the latest 30th June 2019.

Music must be submitted in an MP3 format via an online sharing site NOT by email. Music must be edited/cut at the appropriate place.  Music must be submitted by 30th June 2019.

All acts must be available for the dress rehearsal as well as both show dates.

Performers may be required to help with other numbers, transitions between numbers and pole cleaning.
Everyone is required to take part in our finale number.

No removal of clothing or striptease is allowed. Costumes must be appropriate to a family-friendly audience.
Heels are subject to approval.

Props may be used and are subject to approval.

Other styles of dance or acro may be incorporated into the act.
Performers may not sit in the audience before or after their act as this is disruptive to the audience.

Email us if you have any questions, queries or suggestions. We’re also looking for prizes to be given out on the day to audience members and performers and we’d love to hear from you!

Need some inspiration? Pop over to here or here or here.

We’re looking forward to putting together an incredible show with you.


GROUPS (3 and up)

If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to showcase@pdct.co.za